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The Castle on Wassaw Sound

Stephanie finally gets the chance to make her mark on Savannah’s architecture.

Stephanie was thrilled to return to her hometown of Savannah and reunite with her tribe of girlfriends from high school. However, opportunities for contemporary architects in a city known for its historic houses were scarce. When offered a job for a NEW renovation, she couldn’t believe her good fortune. If only she had known it was a 250-YEAR-OLD castle that came with an irritating, kilt-wearing project manager.

In settling his father’s estate in Scotland, Philip discovers he owns a castle on the outskirts of Savannah, Georgia.

With his ties to Scotland dwindling, Philip throws caution to the wind and sets sail for Savannah to renovate his newfound castle. He soon discovers his property is part of a land grant which will expire at the end of the year. If that’s not enough, throw in unobtainable permits, old money, and a “bonnie” yet strong-willed architect.

Can they put aside their differences and trust one another?

Stephanie and Philip must work together to preserve this lost piece of Savannah’s history. With time racing against them, a trip to Scotland may hold the key to their wild success—or whopping failure.

Now available in digital, paperback, and audio!

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