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A Spicy Christmas

John recently took a work trip to New Orleans and was able to enjoy several Cajun meals, each served with mini seasoning packs on the side. Just like you get the little ketchups at Chick-fil-a (which I love to bring home for no apparent reason), he came home with little packs of Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning. Now I have the regular 8 oz size in my spice cabinet and the directions on the bottle reads, “Use it anytime or anywhere on any type of food.” That’s my kind of spice! But the kids don’t like the HEAT...bless their little wimpy taste buds, so I don’t use it often. I wonder if I sprinkled it on that last piece of cheesecake in the fridge if they would stay away?

Back to spicing this up…Always trying to be practical 😉 I began to open each of the mini packs, which are the size of a sugar pack, and pour them into my larger bottle. Who knew that ground red pepper becomes airborne when poured into a larger container? So as I stood there with my eyes watering and throat closing, I wondered when exactly it happened that John started bringing me food condiments as gifts.

29 years ago John and I took a very similar, but WAY different, trip to New Orleans. We ate our way from the sweet powdered sugar beignets to spicy Crawfish and washed it all down with Pat O’Briens Hurricanes…but more on that later. Those happy memories are always brought to life when I eat spicy Creole seasoning. So while I’m still cursing John for my complimentary spices, I also applaud him for knowing me so well and bringing back such a happy memory.

Over time I’ve realized that some people are really thoughtful gift givers. They see something that reminds them of a certain person and they buy it on the spot. (Or swipe it if it comes with their meal). Wouldn’t life be so much simpler if we only purchased personal items for the people we love? No more unwanted ties or nightgowns from Victoria's Secrets…we can buy those things ourselves. I challenge you to be brave and get personal. BUT, if that doesn’t work, get him something you might enjoy, too, like one of those electric fly swatters that makes that cool zapping sound or Fireball Eggnog (MIND BLOWING...I KNOW). This year give gifts that show that you really know that person.

Here’s the more - I want to wish a very happy birthday to my “Hurricane baby” who turns 28 this month. I am forever grateful for the most glorious gifts ever given to children. Hold yours a little tighter this Christmas, it’s been a hard year for everyone.

Many blessings to you and your family this Christmas, and a very Happy New Year!!! Thank you for reading this blog and if you’re Christmas caroling in my neighborhood, please stop on by. I’ll save a cup of eggnog for you.

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