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Bomb Cyclone

Remember the phrase...this Buds for you?  Well, to all the strong women; Moms, wives and caregivers, who are keeping it together for your families…...this blogs for you.  I am humbled by the adventure and love that is brewing in families all around me and the sincerity with which women share those adventures, in social media posts, e-mails and in their blogs. Yes, I have been reading blogs.

You are truly amazing!  Sure, you’ve had some struggles, and had to secretly blame your husbands when your sugar obsessed little angels wondered where their Easter chocolate was, but you’ve come through all this stronger.  Who else could make a masterpiece out of the only meat in the grocery store, ground turkey, or make playgrounds out of the living room furniture? We have risen against many obstacles and kept normalcy in our homes, but most importantly we have leaned on each other. 

Last February, I was able to take what John calls a once in a lifetime trip to Ireland. He is so naive sometimes, my "once in a lifetime" trip is already calling me back. I was able to gather up my tribe of girls from college, and of course my Caroline, to spend 10 days walking around some of the most beautiful villages of Ireland amidst one of the worst weather events Ireland has seen in centuries, yes centuries. Ever heard of a BOMB CYCLONE? Well, it isn't something you find in a pub. Although, I'm mentally working on a recipe as I write...happy to take suggestions in the comments section.

My heart was pulling me to the Shrine of Knock where the Blessed Mother appeared to fifteen people outside of a small country church in August of 1879.  The Blessed Mother's silent witness at Knock brought hope to the people of Ireland in a time when many had lost hope. I have to admit this wasn't even on my bucket list a year ago but to let you in on a little secret, Knock has become a part of a very exciting project I have been working on….but more on that later, I promise. 

Now one thing that was vastly different from the Blessed Mother's silent appearance in Knock was my not so quiet roommates from the last graduating class of Georgia Southern "COLLEGE" traipsing around Ireland on one-lane country roads that unbeknownst to us, had been closed due to heavy wind and sleet….Not even the Blarney Stone could make these things up. Nor could it make up the fact that we randomly ran into a girl, who had graduated the same year from Georgia Southern with us, in a pub in Dublin 30 years after graduation. What an exciting and small world we live in.

Just like each of you, my life has adventures each day that I wouldn't trade for the world but sometimes it's ok to rally your tribe and take them where not one of them has ever dreamed to go!  These days, it might be a group Zoom or a Facebook watch party. But, the day I called Kari and Sheryl and told them we were going to Ireland they only asked, "when?". I am so blessed to have women in my life that bring me hope like the Blessed Mother brought hope to the people of Ireland. I am so blessed to be thinking of women right now that would happily chug a Guinness (or better yet a Bomb Cyclone) while rocking on the front porch, sharing a laugh or two about life in the bubble.

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