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I can still see the road of my childhood home in Smyrna, Georgia. Every day during the summer we would ride our bikes up that steep hill, and it was a really hard ride. I pedaled that Huffy bike with a banana seat as hard as I could to get to the top, because once I was there I could coast. Oh, how the coasting was so sweet after working so hard to get there. I get that same feeling at times in my life as an adult. Something that I’m doing might be really hard, but once I put in all my efforts I’m able to relax and coast a bit.

Each of us relaxes differently. My family just returned from the mountains where we took our children camping and hiking. We decided to get outside, away from everyone, during these crazy times. My husband must have a bit of Paul Bunyan in him because he flipping loves to hike. Me...not so much. He led the way as we valiantly explored every inch of Amicolola Falls State Park. Each of the kids followed along happily as I brought up the rear, secretly imagining him falling off the edge where I could go back to the cabin and rest. To him, hiking is relaxing.

I think that’s why so many people like Jimmy Buffet. He sings about the fantasy of doing absolutely nothing, with a drink in his hand and no obligations….the American dream. My happy place is salt water and Bahama Mamas, but that will have to wait until next year. This year, Jimmy Buffet was beaten by John Denver, and Country Road is still repeating in my ears….but more on that later.

The day after we got home from our great expedition, one of my little angels told me that she was bored. How in the world could she be bored, we had only been home for 18 hours? But, they know the rules. If you complain about being bored, you will be given something to do. So I walked to the broom closet (praying that’s where John keeps it these days) and pulled out that little cleaning bucket with the toilet brush scrubber. By the time I turned around with that pail of joy, she ran up those stairs speedy-quick and was as busy as a little beaver when I got to the door of her room.

I keep thinking of those two words, I’m Bored. When was the last time I said them, and how did they disappear from my vocabulary? Being bored is having absolutely nothing to do. Can you imagine? As adults we run and run until we can’t run any more, then we try and schedule time to relax and go on vacation.

The truth of the matter is, we don’t have to go away to relax. Each of us have a very comfortable place in our homes where we can “get away”. It might be the back porch with your journal, sipping a cup of coffee early in the morning at the kitchen table while the kids are still sleeping, or the back of your closet when they are awake. Wherever and whenever it is, own it and enjoy it. Life is busy and everyone works very hard. Make sure you enjoy the coast!

-----HERE IS the more on that later…..Jimmy Buffet and John Denver were friends (I’ve got the picture to prove it), so maybe there is a vacay spot where John and I can relax together…..but more on that later.

Amicolola Falls


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