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Get Out of Your Lane

My mom is curious by nature. She searches for information about everyone, whether they are selling peaches on the side of the road or they are a celebrity on her latest Netflix series. She's interested and asks questions about everything, and I do mean everything. Her curiosity works to my advantage when talking to my children, and I always find out things about them that I would never even think to ask. But I've realized, over time, that my mom is a rarity.

Most people generally don't take the time to ask questions. Most days, we walk the same path, where people almost blur on the sidelines. But one day, you may take a different route. Or better yet, ask someone you've known for years a direct question about their past. That's when you learn something new while giving of yourself to another. In that moment, we connect and are awakened.

We are all very busy and staying in your lane is much easier. In fact, we are told to stay in our lane and do the tasks at hand. We wake up; Do our daily routine; Go to bed, and Repeat. But we were not made to be robots. We were made to experience the world around us. We were made to interact with the people in front of us. We were made to BE PRESENT.

I know this post is deep, and it comes with a challenge. I challenge you NOT to stay in your lane today. Jump the curb. Hell, go the wrong way down a one-way street. Ask your children interesting questions about themselves...even if it annoys them. (Especially if it annoys them :) Reach out to an old friend. Live an adventure. BE BRAVE!

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