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Hello Dust Bunnies!

A big fat thank you to all of you who are sending me messages. Shame on me for not always appreciating the awesome people that God has placed in my world.  I am humbled to be here with you. That may sound crazy but it isn't the first time or the last time I will be accused of crazy...but more on that later.

This morning I woke up ready to write. I walked onto the porch, situated my journal in my lap, and my big ole cup of coffee at my fingertips.  Don’t you just love the Southern phrase “big ole”?  I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath and knew that when I exhaled all of the beautiful things in my mind would flow.  Then I opened my eyes and saw it.  DIRT.  Just like storm clouds rolling in, it took over my brain.  As I looked around, that’s all I saw.  Cobwebs in the corner, a dirt dobber’s nest, and rust on the porch swing chain.  All of the “to-do’s” that zap our creativity.  I closed my journal, frustrated with my brain, and grabbed that cup of coffee like it was my lifeline.  

It’s time to change my focus!!!  I looked around again and found things that made me smile.  Almost like “Where’s Waldo?”, I started searching for them, and my spirits lifted.  I think I’ll call this my “Where’s Happiness?”  Things don’t have to be perfect, and good enough is still pretty darn GOOD.  

There will always be things that need to be done, and being home 24/7 we seem to notice them more.  Constant cleaning and cooking and the chore chart on the refrigerator has become a dartboard target.  As for laundry, how do I keep finding school uniforms when they have been out of school for five weeks?  Not to mention the dust bunnies on the stairs. I would be remiss here if I didn't stop and say the dust bunnies cause me a sneaky little joy because I know John hates dust bunnies more than I love shortbread cookies, and that's a lot. So, I check dust bunnies off the list because I know my slightly obsessive neat freak husband will take care of those speedy quick. Dishes and laundry seem to escape his attention but a tiny little speck on the floor has monumental consequences. 

So back to my crazy, here is a challenge to you. If you get frustrated at any point today, try your “Where’s Happiness?” and change your focus. Then, go do something you love. Write in your journal. Paint something. Play a game. Call an old friend and talk for hours about absolutely nothing important. Exercise, and I mean the good kind of exercise......exercise your right to go take a 2:00 nap in memory of that old coveted time slot that used to be sacred in college when we lived life through the eyes of Lily and Holden on As the World Turns. Somebody please pass me a Coors light and a Virginia Slim. 

Now this challenge isn't necessarily the one you do alone. I have nothing against alone time but my best memories are the ones that I share with someone I love.  I am so very blessed to have those times with John and each one of my children who are all so "unique and special" in their own way. So, the more the merrier. Throw a volleyball net up in your backyard. Better yet, throw it in the front if you really want to freak your children out. "Mom, the neighbors are going to find out we aren't normal."  Play one bounce in the driveway with your husband.  Whatever your thing, do it today. Who knows, while you are doing your thing, that lonely little dust Bunny may make a friend...but more on that later.

Thank you to my son, Jacob, who provided me with the best pics of Dust Bunnies I've ever seen.

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Thanks for the laugh this morning. I love Jacobs picture of dust bunnies!!

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