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Lettuce Pray

During this time of being at home, we have learned a lot about ourselves. Like many, I have enjoyed gardening, and now have all sorts of vegetables that Mr. McGreggor himself would envy. But the best discovery I have made was the day I found out you could re-grow the Romaine lettuce heads after you use them in your yummy salads. All you do is put the stalk in water and it magically re-grows, and not just once but at least 5 times with the same head of lettuce. How have I never heard about that before? (Check it out HERE) I was super proud of myself and the little nubs of growing lettuce in my Mason jars all lined up on my kitchen sink, ready to WOW the world with my brilliance, but every time John walks by them he has to sing, “Lettuce Pray!”

My earth shattering discovery suddenly reminds John of our Pastor, who we have gravely missed seeing in person for the last few months. This priest can always capture the attention of the room by boldly singing, “Let Us Pray!” in his beautiful baritone voice. Unfortunately, from here on out, whenever he sings that I’ll be thinking of my nice crisp lettuce babies….but more on that later.

We are counting down the days until Pentecost Sunday to be sitting back in the pews at church, but I’m very worried about how this may look. How do we start easing back into the world with a virus that is still present?

It was only two weeks ago that my children’s greatest worry, on any given day, was being caught with bad breath. It may not be on the same scale as easing back into the world, but with eight people in one house it doesn't go unnoticed. However, the real worry should have been that my children were gathered around the computer watching the latest YouTube video about bad breath that one of my older children had discovered called,"Is that your breath or did you just fart?" Now, just to let you know, my first reaction was to find this highly offensive and want to put an end to their fun little song speedy quick. But then I discovered it's one of those things that once you hear it, you can't unhear it, and soon find yourself singing it around the house. Get it stuck in your head, too HERE

Once I was singing along, I knew I couldn’t reprimand them, so I did the best thing in the world…. I let John handle it. John, of course turns it back on me, "Everybody go brush your teeth, if the stink leaves then we blame Mom for making that broccoli at lunch. If the stink doesn’t go away, we still blame Mom for making broccoli for lunch!" Thanks John!

There is a Catholic Speaker who uses the phrase, “Your head is a scary place, don't go in there alone." It's funny when you hear this phrase and realize that maybe you aren't alone in having some crazy thoughts. Maybe I am a little crazy that I had more fun with the offensive YouTube song than I should have but it made me happy watching my children laugh, as silly as it was. As a result, the Bad Breath song made everyone take notice of themselves a little more, brush their teeth a little more often, and be conscious of the people around them. It may have actually made them better!

As we re-enter the world, things are no longer the same. WE are not the same. Hopefully, just like the bad breath song, it has made us take notice of what’s important in life, smile a little more, and be conscious of the people around us. Prayerfully, the last few months have also made US better!

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