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One Day She Started Writing

My grandmother once told me the story of her mother, who had a nervous breakdown. She said, “One day, she started screaming and never stopped.” Of course, my first question was, “How many kids did she have?” But more on that later.

John and I took her story and use versions of it in our daily life. If I’m really happy and singing, he’ll say, “One day she started singing…” Or, if I’m on a cleaning kick, he’ll say, “One day she started cleaning…” WAIT! I’m just seeing if you’re paying attention. We know he’s never said that before.

Anyway, the new one that is 100% true is, “One day, she started writing, and she never stopped.”

In 2019 I wrote a book, THE BLESSING OF THE CELTIC CURSE. It’s a fun and feel-good book about the unbreakable bond of family, the redeeming power of love, and the importance of having a sisterhood of friends. It’s about knowing where you came from before you can understand where you’re going. But most importantly, it’s about two of the most beautiful places in the world: Savannah and Ireland.

This book is the first in a series called THE SAINTS OF SAVANNAH. It will be released on November 1st...All Saints Day. The e-book is currently available for Pre-Order at any of the places you usually buy your books.

I will be honored if you allow me the opportunity to entertain you...if only for a little while. Stop in for a visit to my website -, for more information.

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