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That got your attention! No, I'm not inviting you to meet me at the Pub today...although that sounds fun, too. I'm announcing Publication Day for my new novel. Let me explain how this crazy-fun ride began...

One hot July morning in 2019, John and I left the children at home sleeping and snuck off to daily Mass. Our favorite little Irish Monsignor was celebrating, and his homily was about his homeland - Ireland. My mind began to wander, and before I left church that morning, I had completed the entire outline of a story in my head. I ran home and began writing. Correction, I meandered home and started writing. I don’t run anywhere.

For the rest of the summer, while the kids slept late, I wrote. When my husband was at work, I wrote. When the kids went back to school, I wrote. Before long, it was October, and I had finished the book.

When I finally told my husband, he didn’t believe me and who would blame him. Life moves quickly amidst the chaos of our large family. “When did you have time to write a book?” he asked. In all honesty, I sometimes wonder that myself. But once I began reading it to him, it became a reality. Like Pandora’s box, once I revealed my secret, it became a reality.

Then he asked me the million-dollar question. “Ok, you’ve written a book. So now what? Are you going to let people read it?”

“NO!” I didn’t have the guts. That's when I began writing the Welcome to the Bubble blog to test the water. And man, oh man, you guys who have supported me have been THE BEST. But now it’s time to come out of the bubble.

TODAY is Publication Day for my novel, THE BLESSING OF THE CELTIC CURSE. November 1st - All Saints Day.

I would love for all of you to continue this journey with me. Please join me on my website:, on my Facebook page: Leigh Ebberwein, Author | Facebook, and on Instagram: Leigh Ebberwein (@lebberwein).

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