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Rearranging Chairs on a Ship That's Going Down

Updated: May 8, 2023

While watering my plants this morning, I glanced up at the surrounding yard, which is currently under construction. “Rearranging chairs on a ship that’s going down” came to mind. It’s actually something I think, say, and even scream quite often. When things seem impossible, we wonder, “Why do I even bother? It doesn’t make a difference.” But in reality, it does.

What if we didn’t keep trying to conquer things when the odds were against us? What if we just gave up, grabbed the container of Bon Bons in our pantry (you know where you hid them), and vegged out in front of our latest Netflix binger. Then what?

One of my favorite Pope Benedict XVI quotes is, “You were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness.” We are meant to keep trying, even in the little things. Heck, especially in the little things. Because in those small moments of success, we can feed our souls for our bigger battles. And there will ALWAYS be bigger battles.

So I leave you with this: The next time you think, “Why bother?” make yourself keep trying a little more. And after you do, reward yourself with those Bon Bons in your pantry before your kids or husband finds them.

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