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Ride the Wave

As the end of July approaches, I start feeling a familiar ache in my stomach. Initially, I thought it might be due to the excessive ice cream that I consume to cope with the scorching heat. However, I soon realized that it was the annual "back to school" blues.

As parents, we tend to structure our lives around the school year and use it as a marker of time. It's not the birthdays that affect us the most; they merely acknowledge a single day. But when our children start middle school, high school, or senior year, our hearts melt like butter on a hot August day.

So, what should we do? We should ride the wave. Most of us living near the beach are acquainted with the sensation of surfing a wave. When I envision it, I see Malibu Barbie standing on a surfboard with a Toddie in her hand. However, in reality, I'm often hit by a wave from behind, causing me to tumble onto the shore. Nevertheless, we always manage to get back up and regain our balance. Similarly, we will overcome the challenges of school and regain our balance.

Meanwhile, while we encourage our children to grow up, we should hold onto the things that are important to us - the small things that make it easier to let go. So, when your son refuses to take a first-day-of-senior-year photo on the porch, make him do it. And if your daughter requests that you don't walk her into school because it's uncool, walk her anyway. And if your heart aches during this time of year, like mine does, don't conceal it. Cry like the big, softies that we are, and let your kids see that you're unhappy to see them go. They may not remember being embarrassed by you, but they will remember that you loved them so much that you didn't want them to go back to school.

As you surf this wave to the shore, I have all of you in my thoughts. Happy August!

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