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When the temperature in Savannah begins to rise, I automatically roll down the windows of the car and chase the wind with my hand. Naturally, you MUST have some good music playing for the chase. So, I reach for my Pandora and put on my 80’s music. Hearing the beginning of “Sweet child of mine”, my legs instantly start doing the sway like they did in their music video (remember music videos?). Even while driving, I can still sway, because I’m just super cool like that….or so I believe, in my old brain that still feels 20.

I take the corners with one hand on the wheel, screeching into all the cool kid’s stops; YMCA, the library and Publix. But my last stop is the best...carpool line. It’s the moment that I’ve been waiting for since 8:00 when I dropped my children off that morning. I’m sure that I will be bombarded with kisses, but as my van hits the front I am welcomed by embarrassed teenagers who are mortified that my windows are still down and Spotify is still playing old rock and roll. How in the world did I become so uncool in a matter of seconds? And more importantly, how can children of mine not enjoy good music like the sweet twang of the electric guitar from musicians that actually knew how to play the instrument instead of letting a computer generate the fake version.

However, this warm afternoon has given me courage. Every one of us still has a little Van Halen, Madonna, Journey or even Milli Vanilli in there. So when my kids began to moan, “MOM, Please, turn this off. It’s the worst!” I crank up my music, hold up my hand in the rock on symbol, and pull up the fake lighter on my cell phone. Then I chase the wind as my sweet ride makes its way across the Thunderbolt bridge heading back home towards the Islands. Before rolling up the windows, I take a deep breath in and enjoy the wonderful smell of our wetlands. My children might not appreciate good music, but no matter what, they WILL appreciate the earthy smell of our marshes.

It wasn’t until we rolled in the driveway that I started sneezing. My eyes were so swollen from my afternoon of fresh pollen breezes that I went directly to the medicine cabinet. Making eye contact with John, as I was reaching for the Zyrtec, I proudly held one hand high in the air and gave him the ROCK ON sign.

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