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I am by nature a messy and unorganized person. I’ve tried very hard, over the past several years, to be more organized but piles seem to surround all of my happy places and sticky notes are my best friend. However, when I came upon this picture today, I remembered a time that I was once organized. It was the last day in October every year....sorting Halloween candy.

Think back...further….further….to the first Halloween that you can remember. The smell of the hard plastic masks and how your breath would leave condensation inside of them. Now think about our masks for Covid-19, and be happy that they are not hard plastic….but more on that later.

Think about running as fast as you could, trying to keep up with the older kids, knocking on door after door, and comparing with your friends what kind of candy the last house gave you. But the best part of all was THE DUMP! Not that kind...get your mind out of the gutter. The kind that happened when you got home, turned your old pillowcase upside down and let all the candy dump onto the floor. Can’t you still see all the Bottle Caps, Jolly Ranchers, Wacky Wafers, and full sized candy bars? Full size....what were those people thinking? Then you could get a nice long look at your loot, see who had the most of each item, throw all of the Almond Joys at your little sister and trade your friends for your favorites.

As we come into a Halloween that I’m sure will be one for the books, try and remember the carefree Halloweens of your past. Leave your front porch light on and let the kids trick-or-treat, go ahead and buy the full size candy bars....they deserve them this year, and when your kids come home show them how to do THE DUMP!

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