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The Saints of Savannah

"You must BE a friend to have a friend," my mom always said. I rolled my eyes so many times at that statement that I'm surprised I can still see straight. But, guess what, Mom? You were right.

I am currently writing a series of books called, "The Saints of Savannah." The stories follow six friends who call themselves "The Tribe." These ladies laugh together, cry together, and get into a bit of trouble. But, most of all, they show up for each other - day in and day out. They share a bond of friendship that's special and unique. It's been so much fun to write but even more exciting to witness firsthand.

Recently, I was asked to be the guest author for a book club that had chosen my novel for their January read. The member who invited me explained they were a group of "vintage Moms" who love to read. They call themselves the CBDs, which is short for Coastal Book Dames. Still, the abbreviation wasn't wasted on me, a vintage author.

The evening began with a cocktail hour followed by a fantastic meal of homemade meatballs and pasta prepared by the host's talented husband. By the time everyone was happy and talkative, the book discussion began. We followed the Book Club questions from my website, but I was excited by the depth of their conversations and happy when further questions arose. By the end of the evening, I initiated them into the "Saints of Savannah" with a Baby Guinness Shot and a Saint Tattoo. Don't worry, husbands, it washes off after a while.

The night was a highlight of my writing career. These wonderful ladies thanked me for being the guest of honor, but I benefited the most. They walk the walk of how to be strong friends for one another. They are each other's lifeline, bringing their strengths to the table and leaning on the other when needed.

I was honored to be a part of their group for the night. It reinforced the value of friendship that I began in book one of the Saints of Savannah Series and made me excited to finish book two. We should all be as blessed to have friends such as them.

It turns out, once again, that my mother's advice is correct. You must be a friend to have a friend. But, I'll piggyback onto that with my twist: FIND YOUR TRIBE AND LOVE THEM WELL.

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