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Now Available

Paperback and E-book.

Agnes must step into Lottie’s world to find answers…

Agnes knew about Aunt Lottie’s gifts but never realized those gifts came with many secrets. When Lottie passes away and leaves Agnes everything, she discovers that her cottage on Isle of Hope is haunted, the person said to be in the empty casket of the family plot in Bonaventure Cemetery is now living around the corner, and the one man who can help her start an oyster farm in Savannah is the same man who broke her heart—not once, but twice.

While still keeping control over her own future.

Can Agnes control her own destiny when her aunt has seen her future? When Agnes is pulled to Prince Edward Island, she doesn’t know what lies ahead. But after discovering the secrets about her adoption, she decides on her own path to her future.

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Now available in digital and paperback!

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